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Snow White & the Huntsman or Mirror Mirror…hmmm…

15 Jan

I love the new wave of fantasy/fairytale fare being pumped out of TinselTown, and the like, right now! ABC’s Once Upon A Time, NBC’s Grimm, BBCa’s Merlin, and now there are two up coming movies about Snow White… If you only had $10 to see one of them, which do you go see, Snow White and the Huntsman or Mirror Mirror?

SWATH would be my choice. Why, you ask? Well, an armor clad, sword wielding, BAMFy Snow beats a fondant-y cake topper version of Snow White any day! Check out the trailers for the two films to see what I mean:

See, awesomeness all around! The Queen, the mirror, the huntsman, and Snow, all very delicious!

Don’t you just feel like you fell into an incredibly elaborate theme cake made at one of those bake-off contests held in Vegas that they’ve turned into a reality show on the Food Network? That is not meant as a disparagement, by any stretch of the imagination, they are just very, very different movies.

And, I’m not saying that I don’t ever want to see Mirror Mirror, because I do. MM‘s Young FlickChick Lily Collins looks adorably and confectionarally flawless as Snow White, and it looks like Julia Roberts plays the comically spiteful queen to perfection. It’s just that I definitely want to see SWATH on the big screen…and  and I could wait for the fairytale sweetness and fantastical comedy of Mirror Mirror.

I want to see FlickChick Charlize Theron as the evil queen (because honestly, her evil is just so gloriously malevolent), emerge from a tub covered in Elmers. : )

I want to see Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman because…dudes kicking major ass is just incredibly hot! (see any Jason Statham movie for examples)

That mercurial mirror! As a character, that is one I am über excited to see.

And of course, I just want to see the epic battle of SWATH played out larger than life. As well as, the aforementioned BadAssMoFo that is Kristen Stewart‘s Snow White!

I appreciate that both films let their Snows be ballsy, strong Snow White’s that push typical gender roles a bit; Snow as a soldier on the battlefield fighting for herself in SWATH, and the bandit Snow that MM‘s lead character becomes (reminiscent of the Once Upon A Time Snow played by Ginnifer Goodwin).

So, which one would you choose? Do you agree with me on the feel of MM?

We ‘d really love to hear what y’all think too, so send us your response in the comments! : )