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BFI | Sight & Sound | Women on Film: The Sight & Sound Competition for Female Film Writers

3 Apr

Are you a writer? Are you analytical? Do you have opinions that you like to express?

Well, there is a fantastic opportunity (albeit, it’s in London) that’s available to you! Sight & Sound magazine is trying to take some steps to getting more women involved in film criticism!

“The makeup of critics and journalists writing about film is similarly dismal. The Times’ Kate Muir and Sunday Telegraph’s Jenny McCartney are currently the lone women amongst ten or more staff critics on the British broadsheets. In the US, the above-quoted 2007 study from the Center for the Study of Women in Film & Television found men wrote 70 per cent of all counted film reviews and held 77 per cent of staff film-critic roles. Michael Kaminski has counted seven women authors on amazon.com’s list of 50 ‘Movie History and Criticism’ bestsellers.

From Iris Barry, Lotte Eisner, C.A. Lejeune and Dilys Powell to Penelope Houston (Sight & Sound’s editor for 34 years), Penelope Gilliatt, Pauline Kael, Susan Sontag and Molly Haskell, women have constituted many of our keenest film critics; but cinema now seems to repel their voices. Why? And how can we change this?”

The British Film Institute or the BFI,  according to their website (www.bfi.org.uk) “promotes understanding and appreciation of film and television heritage and culture.”  The organization was established in 1933, and they offer and operate a wide range of activities and services. As part of all that they offer, the BFI publishes the monthly film magazine Sight & Sound, “which features commentary and analysis, in-depth reviews and full credits for all new releases.”

And they want you. Yes, you! You writers, to enter their contest! The winner of which is involved in a year-long mentoring program and will get to write a feature for BFI’s site! See some of the details on the competition below, and get the full details on Sight & Sound’s contest page!

“We’re inviting women who are not already professional film journalists to write us a brief thumbnail description (circa 300 words) of a person in the world of film who is or has been an inspiration to them. The subject can be related to cinema in any way: an actor, screenwriter, costumer, lab technician or even subject of a movie. We’re interested in your heroes, models and muses, but also in your critical acumen: your writing should be passionate and imaginative but also insightful and analytical…
The best entry will win a year-long mentoring programme with one or more of our female journalists, plus a commission to write a longer feature for this website. Two runners-up will win an annual subscription to Sight & Sound.”

So, good luck to all of you witty, bright, amazing Chick writers who decide to enter! We here at ChickMakesFlicks wish you the absolute best!!! : )