Audrey Marrs

1 Apr

Academy Award Winner Audrey Marrs.

Audrey Marrs is an Academy Award winning film producer. Her first documentary No End in Sight, was nominated for an Academy Award in 2007. At this year’s Oscars, Marrs and Charles H. Ferguson, took home the award in the category, Best Documentary Feature, for their film Inside Job. Their documentary follows the recent fall of “Wall Street” and the financial crisis between 2007-2010.

Marrs, who is of Japanese descent, grew up in Washington State with quite the artistic family. Her mother Mariko Marrs is a mixed media artist, and was also the set decorator for Inside Job. Leona Marrs, Audrey’s sister, played keyboards for the punk band, Pretty Girls Make Graves, until ’07.

The reasons for my lady crush  on Audrey Marrs are simple…

RIOT GrrrL!!!

Before becoming an Academy Award winning film producer, she was an independent art curator. But before that, Audrey was very active in Olympia’s underground music scene! She had been a member of several different area bands in her youth; her history includes being a part of the bands, Mocket, Gene Defcon, and most notably, Bratmobile.

Artistic women on the fringe, with creativity and vision can become respected members of a larger community! See, MOM!

Fashion Icon Approved. Always making the LBD look good.


Fashion Funny Minute

30 Mar

Wanted to share something Fashionable. Relevant. Funny.

In Living Color was definitely before its time.

The 1990s in Music – Women Bring It! (via Jukebox Heroines)

25 Mar

Ahhh, the 90’s…

So, the post asks for more women in 90’s music… What 90’s MusicChicks can you add to the list???

Off the top of my head I got… Poe, Taylor Dayne, Gloria Estefan, Adina Howard, Veruca Salt, SWV, Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star)… I can’t remember if any of them were already named… But there you go… A few more for ya! : )

The 1990s in Music - Women Bring It! The Sound Opinions radio show is quite awesome. They have covered various artists that I love including Chrissie Hynde, The Vivian Girls, and Janelle Monae. Now, the show is called "Sound Opinions" so, it's a show featuring the things the hosts Jim & Gregg like. But I was a little disappointed in their recent show on the music of 1991, or at least the music that signified 1991 for them. That list didn't include any women. 😦 Now, it wasn't un … Read More

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Alexandra Bryne: Elizabeth (1998)

23 Mar

Elizabeth. An amazing movie. Great characters. But that’s not what stands out for me. That’s not what I remember. I don’t know about anyone else, but I wanted to be corseted diva for as long as I can remember. Alexandra Bryne was the costume designer for Elizabeth, and won an Academy Award that year for her amazing work!

What makes me have a lady crush on Alexandra, is she has only just wrapped on the 10th feature film in her career thus far, and yet she is so highly respected. She has already achieved so much in her chosen field, and acquired so many accolades along the way.

Alexandra started in theatre. And I believe its her extensive background in period pieces that allowed her to excel in film. She earned her first Oscar for Hamlet. Understandable. But it was her work in Elizabeth that caught my attention. I had always been a geek for history, especially when it involved Monarchies.

Elizabeth I was queen for 44 years, and she was the last of the of the House of Tudor, the most infamous dynasty to reign over England. The film follows her transformation from romantic, to increasingly assertive and dominating. A journey that can be seen in the style of her dress.The film ends with Elizabeth fully assuming “The Virgin Queen” persona…

The imagery is breathtaking.

“… clothes are the biggest indicator of character…” Alexandra Bryne (2001)

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18 Mar

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Artist of the Week: Chick band “My M.O.” makes MTV Iggy Blog, check them out and the blog

15 Mar

Brooklyn band, My M.O., a chicky trio of electro-pop divas all hail from three different countries: Australia, Jamaica, and Texas. Personal friends of mine and Johnny Voltik, check out their write up by MTV and check out their latest video from Joel Mejia.

Check out the CMF About Pages!

12 Mar

Come check out the CMF About Pages! Find out a bit about the CMF bloggers and their take on the topics at hand. The About Pages are getting updated as we get new bloggers, so new “profiles” will be added soon, so keep checking in. Also there are new CMF About Pages coming next week, so keep your eye out for those as well! Thanks for reading!

-The ChickMakesFlicks… Chicks  ; )  Chickmakesflicks, Fauxgoraphobe, FingeronthepulseBarefootcineaste, & Erraticolors!

CMF’s FingerOnThePulse is going to SXSW!

8 Mar

So, CMF followers, remember how I promised to fill you in on some of what we have been working on, well… ChickMakesFlicks was invited to come to a press mixer to talk to some really cool up and coming bands down in Austin, at the South by Southwest music and film festival!

I don’t know about you, but we here at CMF think that is pretty freakin’ awesome! And we are super excited!

Fingeronthepulse will get to interview designer and trend setter Jac Vanek as well as the founder of To Write Love On Her Arms, Jamie Tworkowski.
In case you don’t know what TWLOHA is, here is the mission statement from their website:
To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.
There are 10 bands Fingeronthepulse will get to interview! They’re from all across the country, and they all sound really cool. Lovebettie, is the only band with a chick in it at this event; but between MusicChick Alexandra Naples of Lovebettie, ChicChick Jac Vanek and Jamie Tworkowski from TWLOHA, I think there may be just enough Awesome & BadAssChick to give all the guys a run for their money! Here is a list of some of the bands: O’ BrotherDeath On Two Wheels, & Playing Dead. To see the rest of the bands in attendance, you will have to wait for Fingeronthepulse‘s blog post! So check back in with ChickMakesFlicks!!!

bec and bridge lookbook (via fashion prose | purple hose)

5 Mar

This is but one of the absolutely incredible posts you can find over at Fashion Prose, one of our favorite fashion blogs! I love Em’s style, and her blog is just as ridiculously amazing! This one’s definite browser bookmark material… Trust!!!

Check out our “Fashion Blogs We Love” link section in the far right column, to find the link to Fashion Prose & other blogs we really dig!

bec and bridge lookbook buy … Read More

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New Bloggers! Art & Fashion! Such An Attraction!

3 Mar

So, today is a good day! I have the great pleasure to announce two new additions to ChickMakesFlicks! We now have a fashion blogger, Erraticolors, and an art blogger, Fingeronthepulse!

I’ll let these awesome ladies tell you about themselves when they blog… But what I will say is; both of these women have incredibly fun taste, and great personal style! Both also happen to be fantastic artists, and I sincerely hope they’ll share some of their pieces on CMF sometime.

Our CMF fashionista, Erraticolors, is also a stylist and fashion designer with an eclectic and well-traveled sense of the world. She has lived everywhere, and she’s rocked every style at some point in her young life… She has mixed and matched, and found beauty in the chaos.

The Chinese artist Cui Xiuwen in her studio in Beijing next to a print that is part of a triptych titled “Angel No. 9,” from 2006.Fingeronthepulse, our CMF artist “not-so-in-residence” (since she lives half a continent away ::smile::), is a painter with a kind spirit, the heart of a lion, a keen mind, and an eye for beauty in the everyday.

So welcome, FingeronthepulseErraticolors, to ChickMakesFlicks!

We are so excited to have two wonderful new bloggers, and we can’t wait to read what you have to say! (And I’m really excited that I get to  share this experience with two more friends!)

I also want to mention; we still need a focused blogger for Food, and some general all categories bloggers! By “focused” I mean, you predominantly write within your focus genre, but you are free to write on any topic/genre in CMF. So, if you are interested, send an email, using the form below, telling us why you’d be an awesome inclusion for ChickMakesFlicks!