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Red Carpet Interviews, including Adrien Brody, at Tribeca Film Festival 2011!

3 May

Hey folks take a look at what we are up to with Women’s Mafia and Cognac of Long Island Exchange!

Keep your eyes on CMF, there’s more to come!

TV Host, Cognac Wellerlane, interviews the cast from the film “Detachment“, including Adrien Brody and Blythe Danner, at the Movie Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival!

Director Tony Kaye (American History X), creates a unique and stylized portrait of the American education system seen through the eyes of substitute teacher Henry Barthes (Adrien Brody). Henry wanders in and out of students’ lives, imparting knowledge where he can in the short time he has with them. Then a new assignment places him at a failing public school run by Principal Dearden (Marcia Gay Harden) and alters his insular world. Henry’s stoic front is slowly chipped away by three women who impact his view on life: a student (newcomer Betty Kaye), a fellow teacher (Christina Hendricks), and a teenage runaway (Sami Gayle).


Alexandra Bryne: Elizabeth (1998)

23 Mar

Elizabeth. An amazing movie. Great characters. But that’s not what stands out for me. That’s not what I remember. I don’t know about anyone else, but I wanted to be corseted diva for as long as I can remember. Alexandra Bryne was the costume designer for Elizabeth, and won an Academy Award that year for her amazing work!

What makes me have a lady crush on Alexandra, is she has only just wrapped on the 10th feature film in her career thus far, and yet she is so highly respected. She has already achieved so much in her chosen field, and acquired so many accolades along the way.

Alexandra started in theatre. And I believe its her extensive background in period pieces that allowed her to excel in film. She earned her first Oscar for Hamlet. Understandable. But it was her work in Elizabeth that caught my attention. I had always been a geek for history, especially when it involved Monarchies.

Elizabeth I was queen for 44 years, and she was the last of the of the House of Tudor, the most infamous dynasty to reign over England. The film follows her transformation from romantic, to increasingly assertive and dominating. A journey that can be seen in the style of her dress.The film ends with Elizabeth fully assuming “The Virgin Queen” persona…

The imagery is breathtaking.

“… clothes are the biggest indicator of character…” Alexandra Bryne (2001)