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Red Carpet Interviews, including Adrien Brody, at Tribeca Film Festival 2011!

3 May

Hey folks take a look at what we are up to with Women’s Mafia and Cognac of Long Island Exchange!

Keep your eyes on CMF, there’s more to come!

TV Host, Cognac Wellerlane, interviews the cast from the film “Detachment“, including Adrien Brody and Blythe Danner, at the Movie Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival!

Director Tony Kaye (American History X), creates a unique and stylized portrait of the American education system seen through the eyes of substitute teacher Henry Barthes (Adrien Brody). Henry wanders in and out of students’ lives, imparting knowledge where he can in the short time he has with them. Then a new assignment places him at a failing public school run by Principal Dearden (Marcia Gay Harden) and alters his insular world. Henry’s stoic front is slowly chipped away by three women who impact his view on life: a student (newcomer Betty Kaye), a fellow teacher (Christina Hendricks), and a teenage runaway (Sami Gayle).


Artist of the Week: Chick band “My M.O.” makes MTV Iggy Blog, check them out and the blog

15 Mar

Brooklyn band, My M.O., a chicky trio of electro-pop divas all hail from three different countries: Australia, Jamaica, and Texas. Personal friends of mine and Johnny Voltik, check out their write up by MTV and check out their latest video from Joel Mejia.

Cupid’s Undie Run – Come One, Come All, Come Have a Ball!!

8 Feb

Bobby Gill, Co-Race Director
Cupid’s Undie Run

The Second Annual Cupid’s Undie Run is Sold Out!
Media Passes Still Available to Film the Fun.

Washington, DC – Picture this: Five hundred runners, near freezing temperatures, a Valentine’s Day run on Capitol Hill… in nothing but underwear.

It’s all in support of the Children’s Tumor Foundation – the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to ending Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes painful and debilitating tumors to grow on nerves throughout a child’s body.

The Cupid’s Undie Run, Washington’s first ever undie-only race, is completely sold out again! In last year’s debut event, more than 600 runners strutted their stuff through Washington’s snowpocalyptic streets while reporters and spectators butted elbows to get a peek.

This year, the event’s organizers have outdone themselves. Participants have been competing to raise money and have already amassed over $40,000 with much more expected in the days leading up to the run.

“We were blown away with the turn out and publicity we received last year,” said Brendan Hanrahan, Cupid’s Undie Run’s co-founder.  “We honestly thought it was going to be just us and a few friends. Little did we know we were in the process of creating DC’s signature Valentine event!”

The 1.1-mile underwear run begins and ends at the historic Pour House Bar & Restaurant, where participants will gather for pre and post run festivities including prizes for the top fundraisers and best outfits.

Cupid’s Undie Run Event Schedule for February 12, 2011:

(Noon) Runners gather in their skivvies at the Pour House for pre-run libations
(2:00 p.m.) Roads close and the scantily-clad runners hit the cold streets of DC
(2:30 p.m.) Post-race celebrations begin back at the Pour House with door prizes, drink specials and awards for the top fundraisers

For more information or to donate online, please visit  For sponsorship or media inquiries, please contact  A few media passes are still available and are required for members of the media wishing to enter the party.

The Children’s Tumor Foundation is the world’s largest non-government organization dedicated to ending Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder effecting children that causes tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body, causing blindness, deafness, learning disabilities and sever chronic pain . Today there is no cure for the disease and there are frighteningly few treatment options. The Children’s Tumor Foundation is a Charity Navigator 4-Star charity and prides itself on efficiency, spending 82.4% of its revenue on program expenses and less than 8% on administrative costs.  Neurofibromatosis affects roughly 1:3,000 births in the U.S. and is in desperate need of new discovery, which is why 100% of funds raised through Cupid’s Undie Run goes to the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Bobby Gill | Director
Cupid’s Undie Run | Benefiting The Children’s Tumor Foundation | @CupidRunDC | 301.437.6838

Girl on Girl crime: What’s the source of competition in the bizz.

5 Feb

Okay, so it’s no surprise to anyone that Hollywood is a rough business that can get downright nasty.  And for the ladies behind the scenes, the power struggle against the “good ol’ boys’ club” is well documented.

However, I wonder would this fight for power and position be made easier if all women, especially those who have managed to wield some kind of power, came together as a totally united front? You know what I’m talking about too!

Girl fights.
The backstabbing.
The gossiping.
The sabotaging.
The bitchy things we think, say, and do to fellow women in the workplace.
If this cuts too close to home,  I challenge you to read on.

A little friction is good for ya!

Sure, there are plenty of groups, boards, and coalitions that summit and commit strong words to making change… but why isn’t there enough of this coveted change?  Yes, money plays a big factor! Dollars and “a name” will get your movie made, even if the script sucks — Trust me, I’ve been a witness!  And 95% of the time, those women who are established studio filmmakers, will get their projects funded, but for a budget much less than their male counterparts.  Surely, there are high-ranking ladies running the top production studios in Hollywood… so why can’t they look out for their fellow FlickChicks? Not every female director is asking to direct the next “Fried Green Tomatoes”, great film all the same, but still a niche “chick-flick”. So what is it?

I often speculate that; when ladies in the bizz finally get some money, power, and position, after years of (maybe) not having it, the thought of sharing it with, and/or fighting other women for it, may conjure up the fear of losing what took so long to get. No matter how delusional the notion may be!  And maybe that’s why there is such a disparity of “female protegés”, whether they be directors, producers, writers, or what have you.  Am I right in what I’ve come up with? In the way I have found to explain this to myself?

This distinct lack of protégés business doesn’t affect the men of Hollywood like it plagues its women. On this, I am 100% sure, for instance, some definite & specific examples quickly come to mind, of Spielberg protégé’s.  Famous directors, such as Robert Zemeckis, M. Night Shyamalan, and James Moll, Spielberg’s personal in-house documentarian — man,  that is a sick job!  The only rarity I could add to that line up, that now makes Spielberg a pioneer (and one you can’t totally resent), is Drew Barrymore.  However,  with her last name and long running history with the “berg” it’s no surprise.

Even Spielberg was the protegé of someone. And that someone was Francis Ford Coppola.  He’s a nice fella by the way. Come on, even Martin Scorsese mentored Spike Lee, so you can’t say it’s a race thing….Or is it?  Are women competitive with each other along the basis of races?  Can the same be said about competition between women within the same race, especially minority groups? That’s a touchy subject that I will no doubt touch on another time.

And in this game, the generation gap, though a factor that some may want to throw in a person’s face, is an argument that holds no weight.  In this land, 40 is the new 30, and 30 the new 20, and 20 is the new “Beiber”, the younger you are the more valuable.

So, I’m lead to believe that this whole thing of not enough women truly lifting up one another, no matter what, even for the sake of a legacy (something the men seem to do just fine) comes from FEAR!

Success for ladies in power positions is such a rare thing, like the last water skin in the desert… it’s survival of the fittest.

But does it have to be this way?  Like our argument to this country’s oil barons, whom we are fighting now for clean energy, more people can get around and make it if we learn how to distribute the wealth. Right?  So if this idea were adopted, would the playing field for women in film be leveled a bit?

What do you think?

Oscar’s Thunder Down Under, “Animal Kingdom” – a must see!

1 Feb

If you ever wanted to travel to Australia, so do we! And not ’cause the magnificent “O” went with all her surprised audience either. No. We love Aussie-land for many reasons, but for me as a filmmaker, the indie films that have sprung forth from the “Land Down Under” in the past years are outstanding!! Bran Nue Dae ( one of our faves of Sundance ’10  from FlickChick director/writer/new-mom ..yes her kiddie is a cutie.. Rachel Perkins), and other great films such a I Love You Too, Beneath Hill 60, Blame all  got our attention. Oh and yes, the Aussie fellas are quite nice too! I recommend dating one…BUT back to what’s important shall we!

You maybe thinking to yourself, “Wow! I want to see all these films from Aussie-land, but which, CMF? Which film is a the one I MUST see?  Well, look no further, eager soul (even if this is not you, just play along), I’ll tell ya!  If you haven’t seen the Aussie flick “Animal Kingdom”, DO!  Why?? Reason: It was by far the best film that we saw at Sundance last year (no offense the makers of “Holy Rollers”, you know we love you Jessie, Kevin, and Antonio) but the direction and performances in this smart and gritty crime thriller set in the 80s about a son’s coming of age amidst crime, drugs, betrayal, and the deadly strength of his family’s bond, B-L-E-W us away!

One performance in the film in particular from Jacki Weaver, who plays the conniving den mother of her family of ruthless criminals, has gotten the attention of the Globes and now the Oscars. We are not surprised!! You go Jacki!

To see what I’m talking about peep this clip, and keep your eyes peeled (like potatoes) for when “Animal Kingdom” is available on Netflix!


21 Jan

So without further delay, we are going to start our coverage of Sundance and Slamdance and of all the chicky filmmakers who are “doing the dang thing” in Park City, Utah!

So stay tuned for up to the minute details about the directors, writers, producers, and actresses who are making their faces known in America’s largest film festival and it’s equally amazing rival fest. Bring it!