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So we don’t have a formal CMF Theatre blogger as of yet, but we hope to soon! If you would like to submit to be the newest addition to the CMF team, or know someone you’d like to recommend (let them know too, and…), send us an email using the form at the bottom of the page, & tell us what makes you the best choice to be our new blogger! In the meantime, you’ll, periodically, hear from the rest of us on the subject.

CMF Theatre blogger: Coming Soon!!!


Castle on a Cloud and On my Own will always and forever be my favorite songs from a theatre production, I wanted to be Cosette soooo badly! I saw Les Miserables when I was 6 or 7, and  I fell in love with it! I had seen a ridiculous amount of musical theatre, more than any normal 6 year-old probably should, and it was a trend that would continue for years to come.

My Nana was a lover of the arts, and she passed that love on to my mother, who has passed that on to me. Unfortunately their artistic prowess, their musical skills; singing, piano, and my mom even played the flute, french horn, guitar, all briefly, but she could do it… (I love music, couldn’t play an instrument really if you payed me… I’ve managed to peck out the first refrain of the Jurassic Park theme, and can eek out really basic, basic stuff on piano… that’s it…).

Anyway, so my Nana used to take me to the theatre all the time, every christmas holiday, thanksgiving too, if we were lucky, definitely over the summer. I think my great uncle was on the board (or something or other) of Opera Ebony, so I think that helped sometime in being able to get tickets to stuff (especially all the O.E.shows I saw) in Philadelphia! And my mom had Kennedy Center season tickets for several years… needless to say, I have seen a lot of shows! Beautiful, captivating, amazing, shows!

I saw La Boheme, and The Mikado when I was around 5, and Aida, and Gypsy when I was about 7. Madame Butterfly when I was 12, and Phantom of the Opera when I was 9 or so. I’ve seen The Nutcracker… 3..4… no, maybe 5 times, I’ve lost count… there could be more… I’ve seen Romeo & Juliet done as a ballet, I’ve been to the symphony (tecnically not theatre, but if I have to sit that quietly and that still, while listing to music… it might as well be theatre. I’ve seen Miss Saigon, Good Morning, Vietnam, Five Guys Named Mo, Porgy and Bess, The King and I… Yeah, you get the idea…

And does it count that I’ve been cast or crew for a few local productions, like  Annie, Bye Bye Birdie, Carousal, and The Music Man (I was in the that one, part of the chorus, one of the towns people of River City). Oh, and school productions… in college I crewed for a show…


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