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Ok, so on to how we feel about movies and tv, and what we like…

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My love of the visual medium of the motion picture goes back a long way. Ever since I was little, I found movies (and television shows) to be a way to live another life, the way you get to experience another world. Similar to when you read, and you get inside the narrative, fall so completely into the story, you feel like it becomes a part of you for a while… Well that’s how movies are for me, many times. For those two hours, while epic battles rage, or fairytale romances play out, or everyday stories unfold on the screen. No matter what the story is, you get to be apart of it all. You get to be the “fly on the wall,” in a way, to what’s happening. At home, and I can’t believe I’m going to share this little tidbit, I sometimes talk to the screen, giving advice, or yelling stuff like “why would you do that,” like the characters can hear me… I know, I know… And I often verbally acknowledge the fact that they can’t, in fact, hear me. Perhaps it’s just a testament to how the film or television show has drawn me in.

Like my taste in books and music, my taste in film & television can be called varied, eclectic. I’m not afraid to “try new things” and have found some really amazing entertainment in the process! I won’t even attempt to list all of my favorites, we would be here all day, but I’ll let you in on a few…

I guess I’ll start with television… I’m fairly certain I’m the requisite Firefly fan for the CMF crew, there’s always at least one amongst any group that appreciates film & television; I’m not a superfan, that knows every detail (not that there is anything wrong with that), but I am a big fan. I’m definitely into the sci-fi/action genre, shows like Fringe, Surface, Invasion, V, Dollhouse, etc.

I also love cartoons like Recess & Fillmore, shows for kids, but some of the jokes are way over kids heads, and many of the references are things that were way before their time… so it’s fun for us older kids too.

Cowboy BebopFull  Metal Alchemist, and The Boondocks all owned my time at different points…

I’ve liked British television since I lived under Her Majesties royal domain when I was just a little girl, but it was Torchwood, that brought my attention back and made me fall in love. Needless to say, I watch many of the same UK shows everyone else does: Misfits, Merlin, Skins, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Survivors, Being Human, and  of course,  Dr. Who, etc. (Erraticolors will be so proud that I’ve watched and love the Doctor.) I would love to find some of the cartoons I used to watch… One that I can’t find anywhere was called My Little Angel (or something like that), the first part of the theme song said “My little angel, so glad that you’re around…,” her name was Angel, she was blond, she had a mirrored compact that kinda transformed her to a “super hero” so she could help people, there was a dog with a snot bubble… sorry, I digress…

I enjoy medical dramas, crime dramas, romance, family shows, sitcoms… so yeah, I like a bit of everything on television, my DVRs (yes, that is plural) season pass lists are both full, I do need to clear out the canceled shows from the last season, but, yeah…

Now, on to movies… action/adventure, sci-fi, rom-com, old school horror, comedy, foreign, black & white, musicals, animated, you name it… I love movies… and I have favorites in just about every genre… A few of my all-time favorite movies are The Philadelphia Story, On The Town, BraveheartStick It, Shaun of the Dead, Blue Lagoon, Monsoon Wedding, and The Secret Garden (the ’93, Kate Maberly version).

There really are so many that I just love! And they are  all special in their own way; the fun ones, scary ones, cheesy ones, critically panned ones, amazing ones… There is magic in the movies, just like there is magic between the pages of a good book to transport you to somewhere new… movies have that same power. You just have to be willing to get lost in it. And once your lost, find the joy in being lost. And let it remind you why you began to love movies in the first place!


3 Responses to “CMF Movies & Television”

  1. lisalynes_098 March 24, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    Can’t wait for movie reviews and interviews! Are you guys on the web?

  2. SiouxDiva April 8, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

    Hey, love your taste in books and movies and tv… Think I have a bit of a girl crush!!! Hahaha! Anyway, can’t wait until you guys really get going! I’m most definitely excited!

    • BarefootCinéaste April 9, 2011 at 1:13 pm #

      Aww, thanks! We try! : )

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