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CMF Fashion blogger, Erraticolors, will also be posting all manner of fun and beautiful things on her Tumblr page, there is a link to it in the “Fashion Blogs we Love” links section on the front page , for easy access!


My philosophies on fashion are simple. Do Not care about what anyone thinks, expects, demands of you and your wardrobe. It is important to feel confident and comfortable, but above all, yourself.

Fashion is about pushing boundaries. I am all for finding the fun in the mundane!

Matching is for suckers.

Fashion lives across the spectrum. It doesn’t have to be a brand new designer to be fashionable. It just has to look good.

I’m half Senegalese, and my African heritage has played a large roll in my definition of beauty. Seeing confident women strut in gorgeous bright fabrics with head wraps as tall as the sky, unconsciously made me fall in love with it… and the fabric. So in the late 90’s, a series of films and Oscar wins became the foundation of my future craft. Couture and costume design feel like cousins to me, and needing to explore both felt natural. It took me until my Senior year of college to realise that I loved costume design and film enough to pursue it.

I find my influences everywhere! In the fashion world, I have too many favourites to list them all, but one stands above the rest… The late and great Alexander McQueen. And, the local D.C. music and street art, are where I draw my inspiration, at the moment. It’s going to be my pleasure sharing my loves, and obsessions. All colors included.


Me, I’m more a jeans and a hoodie kinda girl, but I see the art & beauty in fashion. The allure of an odd face, a striking fabric or appealing color combinations are not lost on me. I can enjoy the many fashion photos, lookbooks, magazine spreads, and such, that showcase the clothes, shoes, and winsome people. It always amazes me how an artist makes something out of nothing, it’s the same with fashion; from the designer, to the fabricator, the models, photographers, makeup and hair design… they’re all artists in the creation of “fashion” and style. Astounding, right?

I find, as I mature, I am becoming more interested in fashion, I am beginning to understand how the seductiveness of a beautiful high-heeled shoe (or are they called stilettos now) can call out to you like a siren song, and make you want to spend inordinate amounts of money to have a “Carrie Bradshaw” like collection of footwear…

Honestly I don’t have much to say on fashion, other than I can appreciate it, and I wish I had a better sense of it when it came to what I should wear and how to make that work with my personal style… I like things simple, and know black is always a good choice.

Anyway, that being said, I’d really rather just show you beautiful pictures. In each picture there is something that caught my attention, something that I love. It may be the shoes, the way the subjects eyes caught the light, the outfit, the use of the juxtapostiton of the textures and styles, the whole haunting picture…

Here are a few things that I found particularly inspiring!


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    • BarefootCinéaste March 25, 2011 at 2:32 am #

      She posted, check it out! And you will hear lots of great stuff from her! Oh, and check her Tumblr (link on the front page, in the sidebar)!

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