Oscar’s Thunder Down Under, “Animal Kingdom” – a must see!

1 Feb

If you ever wanted to travel to Australia, so do we! And not ’cause the magnificent “O” went with all her surprised audience either. No. We love Aussie-land for many reasons, but for me as a filmmaker, the indie films that have sprung forth from the “Land Down Under” in the past years are outstanding!! Bran Nue Dae ( one of our faves of Sundance ’10  from FlickChick director/writer/new-mom ..yes her kiddie is a cutie.. Rachel Perkins), and other great films such a I Love You Too, Beneath Hill 60, Blame all  got our attention. Oh and yes, the Aussie fellas are quite nice too! I recommend dating one…BUT back to what’s important shall we!

You maybe thinking to yourself, “Wow! I want to see all these films from Aussie-land, but which, CMF? Which film is a the one I MUST see?  Well, look no further, eager soul (even if this is not you, just play along), I’ll tell ya!  If you haven’t seen the Aussie flick “Animal Kingdom”, DO!  Why?? Reason: It was by far the best film that we saw at Sundance last year (no offense the makers of “Holy Rollers”, you know we love you Jessie, Kevin, and Antonio) but the direction and performances in this smart and gritty crime thriller set in the 80s about a son’s coming of age amidst crime, drugs, betrayal, and the deadly strength of his family’s bond, B-L-E-W us away!

One performance in the film in particular from Jacki Weaver, who plays the conniving den mother of her family of ruthless criminals, has gotten the attention of the Globes and now the Oscars. We are not surprised!! You go Jacki!

To see what I’m talking about peep this clip, and keep your eyes peeled (like potatoes) for when “Animal Kingdom” is available on Netflix! http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi2976684313/


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